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Business credit Blueprint

Gain insights, strategies, and expert guidance on building and leveraging business credit for your business.

Transform your financial future and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams with the power of business credit knowledge.

Inside, you'll explore:

  • What is Business Credit and how are the scores measured?

  • Building your business for funding sucess (Steps & Resources)

  • What is Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 accounts?

  • Guide on building Business Credit fast

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Meet the CEO


Gloria Andela is a regular person just like you, but five years ago, she faced some serious money problems. She had debts, a bad credit score, and was pretty confused about how money worked. It all began when her family almost became homeless after a fire destroyed our home. And she later decided to start her own e-commerce business.

She went to the University of Maryland and got a degree in Communications and Marketing. But her real journey started when she made a promise to herself to understand everything about money and credit. She attended workshops and learned about credit laws and how finance stuff operates. Now, she's not just an expert in this field; but she's been through it herself, so she totally gets how frustrating it can be.

But here's the cool part – she doesn't just help people fix their credit, like she did. She also shows them how to use their credit to get money for their businesses or invest in real estate using something called hard money loans. And guess what? she has done all these things myself!

Oh, and one more thing – giving back is super important to her. She volunteers to help feed the homeless and donates some of her earnings to an organization called Shepherd's Table. It's her way of giving back and helping others, because she knows how tough things can get.

Working with Gloria and her team at Andela Financial Services,

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